Associate Director, expand contracts Ltd
Where did it start:
James joined expand in 2019 as a Consultant after several recruitment positions along the South Coast. After graduating from Chichester University, James relocated to Brighton to start a life in the wonderful world which is cyber security recruitment.
Journey so far:
Having joined expand in August 2019, James started to build a desk and targeted SMEs in the cyber security space. After a few months, he stared to find success in the Digital Forensics and Incident Response space, which is now his main market and a market where he is recognised across the US.
What’s happening now:
James now manages expand contract limited. As an Associate Director, he’s partnered with several consultancies, end customers and large telecommunications businesses that are always requiring contractors for specialist and niche projects.
Where next:
James and expand contract limited are continuously looking to grow their recruitment team and scale the business.
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