Senior Consultant
Where did it start:
Matt is reasonably new to expand having joined in March 2021 having previously spent six years in a generalist recruitment business hiring across all functions for local business. Way back when in the distant past he spent some time at Hastings Direct selling insurance.
Journey so far:
Matt joined expand looking for an opportunity to specialise in a market that is growing and exciting where he could generate higher fees for his efforts and joined the business to support the growth of the tech recruitment team. Within the first month he was parachuted in to one of our large AdTech clients on our Talent as a Service model where he delivered a European wide project to hire a team of technologists in two months. A huge learning curve that probably crammed a year of experience into eight weeks. Looking back this was major factor that contributed to the speed of Matt’s continued success.
What’s happening now:
It feels like Matt has been with the business for years. He has become an expert in where to find the best tech talent across Europe and offering a truly consultative service to new and existing Clients who are struggling to find engineering and product development candidates to support their growth.
Where next:
Next stop for Matt is Brighton. Having overachieved on his objectives for his first year he has reached his goal of relocating much earlier than expected and setting up home in Hove. From a business perspective the next year for Matt is about continuing to grow his network in the AdTech sector building stronger relationships that allow him to continue to win and deliver tech recruitment projects. He has recently been promoted to to Senior Consultant, richly deserved.
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