Where did it start:
Following the completion of a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing, Harry was attracted to recruitment by the opportunity to immerse himself in an industry. After a short stop in legal recruitment, Harry decided he couldn’t overlook his passion for technology. With expand offering a brilliant opportunity in the rapidly growing semiconductor sector, joining the team was an easy decision.
Journey so far:
Joining the team in 2024, Harry has benefited from expand’s excellent market reputation, with the semiconductor team having built well-established relationships with industry leaders. As he continues to network across the market, Harry has been enjoying learning more about the fascinating technology driving the industry.
What's happening now:
With semiconductor manufacturers experiencing huge investment across Europe and America, Harry is busy handling the growing demand for skilled workers across all facets of semiconductors, ranging from service engineers to product managers. With a keen interest in modern technology, Harry keeps up to date with the newest innovations and how they may dictate the future of the industry.
Where next:
As the semiconductor sector continues to shape the landscape of modern technology, Harry’s goal is to become the go-to recruiter in the industry, playing his own role in the industry’s growth.
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