Why you should hire for company add, not company fit
29 Sep 2022

Traditionally, hiring managers and HR search for the perfect “fit” for their culture, however, the shift has started towards focusing on the benefits of bringing people onboard who are going to add to your culture, bringing with them new perspectives, ideas, and interests.


how to improve your candidate experience
17 Aug 2022

The way candidates engage with potential employers and what they look for has changed significantly in recent years, making it more important than ever to consider every stage of the recruitment process with the candidate's experience in mind. 


meet beatrice alvarez
20 Jun 2022

We recently caught up with one of our newest members of the Expand family, Beatrice. She's one of the lead recruiters for the Asia team and has blown us away with all of her hard work and dedication. 

expand group launch new asia team
20 May 2022

Reacting to the growth of our global customer base, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new team in Asia.

meet dan openshaw
19 Apr 2022

Dan's been an influential part of the expand family for 6 years and is the go-to guy in the influencer market. We caught up with him to chat about why he loves working for expand and his plans for the team in the next 12 months.

selling digitally - how to make sure that your sales team is a success
12 Apr 2022

Selling digitally is here to stay. So, how can you make sure your sales team is a success? Read the thoughts of Cheryl Ruck, Senior Consultant at expand.

meet cheryl ruck
05 Apr 2022

The next person we met up with for our Meet the Team series is the wonderful Cheryl Ruck, we found out how Expand adapted during the pandemic and her favourite thing about working there. 

how to create a diverse hiring strategy
29 Mar 2022

As the modern workforce evolves, greater emphasis is being placed on creating a diverse hiring strategy by businesses who want to grow, innovate and gain a competitive advantage.

meet rocky tsang
15 Mar 2022

Meet Rocky Tsang... We caught up with Rocky to find out what life is like at expand and his plans for the future

meet matt nash
11 Feb 2022

We caught up with Matthew to discuss his unique role in expand, his career progression and what the best part about working for expand is

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