Associate Director, Media
Where did it start:
It started in 2013 at our old office with Dan in a waistcoat wanting to join expand life. Back then there wasn’t a role that was a fit for Dan’s larger than life personality. Two years later Dan returned to join the business as a consultant to build a new market from the ground up.
Journey so far:
Originally Dan was hired to build the content marketing division for expand, but within his first three months he discovered a passion for social media, specifically influencer marketing. Dan immersed himself in this new and emerging market and by his third year he was the highest billing consultant in the business (something he has achieved in four out his six years). Dan has attained three promotions (Senior Consultant, Principal Consultant and his most recent role) on top of starting a family and moving house multiple times. Dan has brought in over £1.5 million in revenue and opened new verticals that didn’t exist in the business before he joined. He works with some of the most innovative start-ups within his sector helping with expansion into international markets and is the go to recruiter in his sector.
What’s happening now:
Dan leads a team covering social, influencer marketing and eSports and is also currently busy growing his AI desk. He is responsible for the career trajectory for his team along with planning and revenue forecasting for his business unit. Dan is a key member of the senior team and an integral part of the culture that makes expand what it is.
Where next:
Probably the future owner.
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