Operations Director
Where did it start:
Richard joined expand in 2010 having previously spent ten years in recruitment at The PSD Group and Nicholson where he was a founder. We are not entirely sure how long he has been in recruitment but as he is constantly making reference to “back in the old days” and “faxing CVs” it must be much longer than he admits to.
Journey so far:
Richard joined way back when there were only six employees to start a Network & Security team. Since then, he has opened and managed a number of markets across the tech landscape. In late 2020 along with Lee and Aidan Walker (they are not related) Richard was part of the team that executed the MBO and created expand Group.
What's happening now:
In early 2022 Richard moved into an operations role where he is taking on transformation projects and engineering the processes needed to scale the business.
Where next?
We think he misses the recruitment bit so we are convinced he will be back to the coal face pretty soon.
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