Where did it start:
After joining the business in 2019 with no recruitment experience, Louis quickly found that his passion for talking to people was an useful skill in the recruitment industry. Joining Lee’s team and working in the AdTech sector, Louis learned about the advertising ecosystem he now so passionately enjoys. Louis left the business at the start of COVID to pursue an entrepreneurial dream and has now returned to expand, older, wiser and more knowledgeable.
Journey so far:
Before leaving expand Louis worked with Lee in the AdTech industry but also spent some time working Dan on the Social and Influencer Marketing industries. He helped launch a number of our best clients into the US and UK markets as well as making senior commercial hires for some new and old Clients.
What’s happening now:
Back working with Lee on commercial AdTech roles, Louis is supporting some incredible businesses across the globe with their hiring needs. Building a strong network of industry professionals and candidates he is a keen networker, and is extremely pleased to be gaining a deeper understanding of the advertising space and the media industry.
Where next:
Future success is assured for Louis, he has recently been promoted to Consultant.
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