Chief Financial Officer
Where did it start:
Zoe joined the biz in 2018 as a part-time Finance Controller having previously worked in recruitment companies for 11 years in various roles.
Journey so far:
Having initially worked to bring in all finance processes in-house, she built new reporting while supporting the sales team and directors. She increased her days and support to cover many areas of the business adding value where she could. Hiring a finance person to support her to enable more focus on strategy, then being promoted in July 2019 to Finance & Operations Director.
What’s happening now:
Zoe was promoted to CFO in January 2022. She is now looks after Finance, internal recruitment and has hired a Sales support person to continue to add the value and support the sales teams needs.
Where next:
She is excited to be with expand and continue on the journey of making the company a well known and loved brand. Growing the company to enable all the sales teams and directors to focus on what is important while the admin and boring bits are taken care of.
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