Sourcing Specialist - APAC
Where did it start:
Sharmina joined in April 2022, one of the pioneer Sourcing Specialists on our APAC team. Prior to joining expand, she was a recruiter for an industrial company in the Philippines.
What's happening now:
Sharmina is currently busy sourcing top talent across the globe for various Clients. She never would have imagined that she would have been exposed to C-level roles and other niche vacancies 6 months ago but now she’s here for it!!
Journey so far:
Shasha joined the Telecoms team and absolutely loves the challenge. She is grateful to her mentors who have been so supportive throughout.
Where next:
Sharmina is increasing her knowledge of the Telecommunications market at great pace, and growing her network but most importantly she’s excited to watch the APAC team grow.
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