Delivery Consultant
Where did it start:
Calum is a recent recruit joining expand in May 2022 with no prior recruitment experience. Coming from a background within sales and data analysis and with a huge passion for gaming and esports, he was instantly drawn to the opportunity to work within a sector that excites and challenges him.
Journey so far:
He is working within the gaming, esports and social team alongside Dan, Rocky and Bea as a Delivery Consultant. He has already learnt a huge amount around recruitment and business development in a very short space of time, with the added bonus of being able to use his extensive knowledge of the gaming industry to broaden the search for new Clients and easily understand expand's existing Clients' businesses.
What's happening now:
He is currently expanding his knowledge on business development and starting to implement this within his work with help from Dan, who is mentoring him. He will eventually be completing the full 360 of recruitment.
Where next:
The gaming and esports sector is constantly evolving and growing - its an exciting market with some amazing growth opportunities arising within blockchain, crypto, NFT, web3 being incorporated into gaming as well as the advancements in game advertising. Looking to the future he is excited to dive further into this market alongside his colleagues at expand.
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