Customer Success Manager
Where did it start?
Adam joined expand straight out of University in 2016 so he was ripe for the picking. His first role was as a Delivery Consultant working within the “exciting” hospitality technology market.
Journey so far:
Adam has supported various Consultants and Directors in the business within technology and digital. He has covered Adtech, Martech, E-commerce tech, hospitality tech, travel tech, and probably a few more techs. Tech. Following an extremely useful Master’s Degree and massive recruitment success, Adam decided to bow out at the top to try his hand working in the public sector and give someone else a chance.
What’s happening now:
Adam is now back with a vengeance. Alongside some mild regret. He is overseeing the growth of a new function within expand which is Customer Success. Adam wants to work closely with a range of clients at expand and help them achieve their growth goals through hiring the less commercial functions on across a global remit. These roles include legal, finance, operations, marketing, campaign management, and any other roles that scare his colleagues.
Where next?
Adam will be looking to grow the Customer Success function at expand and cement us as a crucial recruiting partner within all the Clients that will have him. The burning of those personal bridges is still pending…
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