Trading Director
EMEA, United Kingdom
90000k/year - 110000k/year

100% commission

Media & Entertainment


The Business


We are working with one of the leading companies in the advertising space, to help find them an experienced salesperson in London to work alongside advertisers and agencies in the UK. The role will be to capitalise on the hard work the commercial team have been outputting and take the business to the next level. The Client and their sales team operate in the Advertising Technology space, providing cutting edge solutions for brands and agencies across the globe. Having grown and scaled the European operation over the past 18 months their global team are continuing to push and progress the company to new heights.


The Role


The Client’s commercial team has been focussing on securing and putting together large MSA’s (Managed Service Agreements) together with the largest advertising agencies in London. What they need this individual to own in the position is in the working with their existing clients, new clients and the commercial team to put in place, optimise, renew and ensure profitability on these large scale contracts.


That being the case, previous experience putting together MSA’s with agencies as well as holding QBR’s with these clients are a critical pre-requisite to the successful applicant for this role. The Client further needs someone who has the correct relationships in place within the agencies and who also understands the nuances of putting these deals together in a mutually beneficial way.


The Opportunity


The Client’s business is growing, at a rate of knots, not only in the UK but globally as there becomes more and more need for their solutions in market. The role is an individual contributor position at this stage but as the companies grows so will the opportunity within to grow with it. The company are also offering a very lucrative commission plan, with the ability to earn 100% of base salary as a bonus based on performance. Lastly, the company have some exciting announcements regarding their product coming very soon and as such this is an opportunity to join as they further carve out their dominance in the space.


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