Head Of Business Development - iGaming
EMEA, Switzerland
€80,000/year - €90,000/year

Media & Entertainment

As competitive video games continue to integrate into popular culture, global investors, brands, and media outlets are all paying attention. With Consumers rising, eSports has hit all-time highs with a large part of it because of the social component of live streaming and gaming. Video gaming-specific streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming give fans a direct connection to the players and teams, while more mainstream socials have allowed those connections to prosper.

As of 2024, the eSports market is forecast to be worth approximately $1.62 billion and our Client has seen the potential in a rapidly growing market. #Their ambitions are to look to inspire the world to play and we bring great interactive entertainment to people around the globe. They believe that streaming is the new way of marketing and we give access to all upcoming creators the opportunity to monetise their content by connecting them with users and brands with simplicity on a global scale. They are the number one multi-platform streaming provider for the next-generation marketing, reimaging, and reinventing digital interactive experiences.

Our Client is looking for a passionate and enthusiastic Head of Business Development in iGaming. You will be responsible for revenue growth and developing relationships with their Clients in the iGaming sector plus other entertainment verticals when possible, to achieve business objectives. Your role involves identifying and negotiating collaborations and further growth with our existing and new Clients, developing strategies to maximise value from them, and ensuring that the partnerships deliver value for all parties involved. In addition to managing the growth of our current accounts, you will also be responsible for overseeing Client relationships, ensuring that they are satisfied with the services and products provided by the organisation, and identifying opportunities to expand and grow any new and existing relationships. You will work closely with the Commercial Director & Marketing Department, to develop and implement strategies that drive revenue growth and increase market share.


  • Ensure there are new deals and partnerships realised in the iGaming space beyond the company’s existing Clients and geographies
  • Ensure the existing Client accounts are growing as per budgeted amounts and in case of issues or blockers take immediate action to create a plan for supporting the growth of the account
  • Communicate swiftly about any significant difference between the Client revenues expected and the results seen on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Maintain a solid relationship with Clients and ensure guidance across their programmes to optimise results
  • Secure solid relationships with key suppliers and ensure the growth of the supplier services towards existing and new Clients
  • Keep on top of the contractual deliverables towards the Client once the partnership is in force and ensure regular reviews and performance dashboards are maintained
  • In case of any delays or contractual misses due to the influencer, or Client campaign escalate and deliver first-time resolution
  • Coordinate with finance for invoicing and contractual obligations
  • Organise and manage periodical servicing calls as well as in-person Client meetings for renewal with the management team
  • Collaborate with our Marketing and Product development teams to ensure the Client account is growing as expected
  • Creating customer value, exceeding customer expectations, strengthening Client relationships, driving savings, increasing retention, and optimising performance through process and data analysis
  • Develop the team of Business Development/Key Account Managers /Activation Managers and oversee new key accounts
  • Identify key brands with a solid budget and marketing drive, as per the company’s strategy, and be able to sign agreements with such brands
  • Contribute with ideas and commercial/sales feedback towards other teams
  • Open doors and be innovative

Qualifications & Skills

  • Passion and excitement for the unique needs of our iGaming/entertainment Clients
  • Proven success and demonstrable positive results in global account/Client management, and or Project Management, experience
  • Strong knowledge of iGaming, Gaming, eSports and live-streaming
  • Proven success in upselling products, services and solutions increasing Client revenue and profitability
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement growth strategies, build action plans, and set goals
  • Demonstrated ability to develop creative solutions
  • Proven innovative problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills required, in addition to prioritisation, and planning skills
  • Strong negotiation skills, including the ability to handle objections and achieve mutually beneficial solutions
  • Demonstrated ability to proactively build and maintain a comprehensive network, both internally and externally, to successfully navigate through client organisations
  • A sophisticated range of communication and presentation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn, understand, and articulate key product and value proposition knowledge in a variety of contexts
  • Strong financial acumen required to leverage the key drivers of profitability
  • Strong business acumen required to communicate the company’s value proposition
  • Strong analytical mindset
  • Previous large market /multinational Client/global experience preferred
  • Possess a strong understanding of the Digital Entertainment marketplace.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Client Management.
  • Solid understanding of technology/tools and processes
  • Advanced software skills, Hubspot, Slack, GSuites, MS Office required
  • Travel to meet Clients and represent the company at industry events and trade shows
  • A reputation for trust, integrity, and getting things done
  • Positive, motivational, and collaborative, growth mindset


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