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Business Development Director


Teads is an established AdTech Video DSP with global reach and influence in the industry.

The Challenge

Teads were searching for an incredible partnerships person to explore a strategic redirection in how they grow their accounts. As this strategic move is key to a broader business initiative that impacts their future IPO it was important that they get exactly the right person to fill the role. As Teads are already working across most of the Tier 1 platforms in the industry, this person had to have a firm grasp of the market, contacts across the space and hold an extremely consultative approach to their work.

The Approach

As we know Teads extremely well and have worked with them closely before, we understood the requirements. What was trickier though was finding the perfect candidate that they needed. Our team have a great network of candidates that could be a good fit for this position, so the first call was to get in touch with these people and see if the role made sense from both sides. This resulted in a number of excellent conversations and a narrowing down to 3 high-level candidates that could be a good fit for the role. The candidates were presented to Teads, all of whom were interviewed and made it through to the final stages. In order to ensure we were thorough, we continued the search and found some supporting candidates that could be available to interview if none of the original 3 got an offer. 

The Numbers

98 candidates were targeted with 27 candidates initially qualified.  9 were interviewed by expand and 4 candidates shortlisted.  The hire was made in 8 weeks.

The Outcome

One of the candidates was offered, which was accepted. However, after handing in their notice were presented a counter-offer from the company they were leaving which they accepted. Subsequently the remaining 2 candidates had accepted offers elsewhere. Thankfully we had an exceptionally strong candidate CV which we had submitted previously to Teads. This candidate was only at their first interview stage but was put through the process quickly, which resulted in an offer being made. They accepted, but once again their business made a strong counter-offer. Together working with Teads and the candidate, expand acted as the intermediary to negotiate on both sides and get the candidate to accept the offer from Teads. We did this successfully and the candidate joined the Teads team.

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