case studies
Tata Communications

HR Director 

Tata Communications is a multi-billion dollar global telecommunications provider, powered by mobility, IoT, security, cloud and growth in digital transformation.


The Challenge

Tata needed to find a highly experienced Business HR Partner to take over the position from one of their key regional HR Directors.

The Approach

The position was highly confidential, so we approached very specific individuals from very specific companies in order to secure the right person. Before disclosing the company name or details that could expose the Client NDA’s were signed so that we could proceed.

The Numbers

20 individuals were approached, we discussed the position with 7, sent a shortlist of 5, 2 went through to final interviews and one person was selected. From initial engagement to hiring was 4 weeks.

The Outcome

The candidate was very engaged and excited from the get go. They had a highly experienced and skilled background, fit the company culture perfectly, and had a genuine personal interest in the company.



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