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Growth Marketing Manager – Mobile Gaming Analytics


Superscale is a series “A” European Data Analytics business that supports the global Mobile Gaming sector.


The Challenge

Having recently received Series A funding of the back of a great 2021 Superscale are on the move and building an international team based in the UK.  Delivering an international growth strategy needs new skills and experiences that utilise modern sales and marketing processes.  To this end we were tasked with hiring an experienced Growth Marketing Manager.


The Approach

Growth Marketing is a pretty new term so simply targeting candidates with such a job title would not necessarily bear fruit. The key was to understand exactly what Growth Marketing Managers are responsible for and figure out what types of experiences and skills were a fit rather than targeting job titles.


The Numbers

263 candidates were targeted, with 18 candidates initially qualifying.  12 were interviewed by expand and 6 candidates shortlisted. The hire was made in 8 weeks.


The Outcome

This one was a challenge and needed a lot more effort that we expected. Not having the luxury of being able to target people based on job title alone meant we really earned our money.  After eight weeks we secured the best candidate available who started within a month and is already impacting the sales funnel.


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