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Stellium Data Centres

Network and Information Systems Engineering Manager


Stellium owns and operates the largest purpose built datacentre campus in the UK. They were looking for a strong Network and Information Systems Engineering Manager for their Data Centre in New Castle, England.

The Challenge

As their Data Centre is growing and experiencing big investments, they required an experienced and strong leader to be their Network and Information Systems Engineering.

The Approach

We mapped out suitable candidates within proximity of the Data Centre. The dynamic had to be balanced between as the fit needed to tick more boxes than just being qualified for the role. Knowing our Client as well as we do, it went without saying that we knew they pride themselves on a great company culture, so we ensured that need was also met.

The Numbers

103 candidates were mapped, with 76 candidates initially qualifying.  18 were interviewed by expand, with 3 candidates shortlisted and a hire made in a month.

The Outcome

After all technically qualifying candidates were spoken with, only 3 stood up on top. These candidates each interviewed, and there was one clear outcome. The successful candidate had come from a military background, where she would repair/fix fibre destroyed during explosions in Afghanistan. She was very hands on, very calm, and incredibly qualified.

What the Client Said

"expand use a well structured and effective process to find the right candidates. The information gathered during the process allows for a correct evaluation of the candidates by the client and qualification for interview."

Gerry Murray, CCO


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