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Regional Director - Nordic and Benelux

Spaceback's mission is to expertly connect the power of social media to the billions of daily advertising opportunities that are programmatically available outside the walled-gardens.


The Challenge

Spaceback had seen significant traction in the Nordic and Benelux region but didn’t have the individuals on the ground to sustain continued and additional growth.  They needed to hire an experienced leader in the region that not only had key relationships with brands and agencies but also had strong leadership and management capabilities.  As an American founded start-up, Spaceback didn’t have experience in launching into European markets so utilised expand's legal team and years of startup expertise to help with the challenges that lay ahead.

The Approach

Spaceback were open on the individual being based in the Netherlands, Belgium or Sweden and only wanted the very best in market.  expand ran a traditional search only targeting individuals that had been in their existing roles for more than 3 years and had a constant track record of over achieving targets and scaling teams.

The Numbers

50 candidates were initially identified, with 20 candidates confirming an interest.  18 candidates were interviewed by expand with 8 being shortlisted.  2 candidates reached the final stage in different regions.

The Outcome

expand were a key partner to Spaceback in helping with entity setup, employment contract drafting and benefit set up. The process ran over 2 months due to the nature of the administration needed to have everything set up in the right way. They are now able to hire in the Netherlands with no problems and will be scaling a team for the region.





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