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UK Country Manager 


Silverpush are a contextual video and brand safety platform.

The Challenge

Silverpush have recently raised a new round of funding specifically to open up the European market. With active campaigns running in the UK they needed a strong UK Country Manager to join their team ASAP.

The Approach

Having worked with Silverpush in the past we knew the requirements very well and exactly who the ideal candidates would be. We needed to identify these people, and fast to be able introduce them to the Silverpush team. We looked in our networks and beyond to find the very best people in London that could do the job.  

The Numbers

119 candidates were targeted with 20 candidates initially qualifying.  14 were interviewed by expand with 3 candidates being shortlisted.  The hire was made in seven days

The Outcome

Knowing the immediacy of getting this hire made we went to market and sourced every possible candidate that could be right for the role. Reaching out to each one very precisely we spoke to candidates and found the perfect candidates for the role. After submitting 3 to the business, one shone above the others. The interview process was very short with all parties eager to see where conversations led. The candidate had another offer on the table but with expands help we helped them successfully secure the candidate and make the hire.

What the Client Said

“We can always trust Lee and Louis to find the perfect candidate for the role requirement. The candidate had another offer on the table but with their guidance we came to an agreement fit for all parties and have made a successful hire.” - Kartik Mehta - Co Founder and COO, Silverpush




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