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Sales Director


Silverpush transform how customers are reached contextually, through tailored AI powered solutions.  They develop proprietary metrics around advanced computer vision capabilities that can be applied to new use cases in the media industry.

The Challenge

Silverpush were on the brink of making their debut into the US market and were in need of some experienced sales people to help with their launch.  

The Approach

expand worked closely with Silverpush to understand the needs of the role. We spoke extensively about the outcomes of the role and what the ideal targets would be to find the correct candidate. 

The Numbers

310 candidates were targeted with 60 candidates initially qualifying. 18 were then interviewed by expand with 4 candidates being shortlisted.  A hire was made in three weeks.

The Outcome

The US market is exceptionally difficult at the moment, so our outreach had to be very large in order to find the correct person for the role. The requirements were very specific so we had a rigorous interview process to ensure we were sending through the perfect candidates.

What the Client Said

“Louis and Lee found us an exceptional candidate for this position, we are confident that with their help we have the right person for the role.”

Saurabh Bhati, CEO of Mirrors US


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