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Over the last few years, Samsung has been investing in building up a portfolio of engaging services across its devices to complement its market-leading hardware business. Five years into this journey, Samsung Ads is a highly successful and fast-growing business. This business and its continued future success depend on the products, technologies, and tools owned by the Global Ads & Data Product & Engineering team.


The Challenge

Hundreds of people strong, with a substantial presence in four countries, the Global P&E team is a fast-paced, dynamic and complex organisation operating across a broad spectrum of product and strategic domains. They found themselves needing to find a replacement Chief Architect when the one in place at that time moved on.


The Approach

The advertising side of the business is the fastest growing therefore we needed to find someone who could scale globally, be hands-on in the weeds, designing and building, have deep technical conversations with technical people and non-technical people as well as possessing a strong business acumen. This was not going to be easy!


The Numbers

87 candidates were targeted, with 26 candidates initially qualifying.  16 were interviewed by expand, and 5 candidates shortlisted.  The hire was made in four weeks.


The Outcome

This was a pleasure to fill, Samsung is such an easy company to work with as we love their culture and we have spent time getting to know the hiring managers so we can easily become an extension of the company and speak as passionately about them to candidates as someone within their organisation would. They also do their panel interviews quickly, with the process spanning over 3 days and then an offer out 24 hours later. The candidate that we filled this role with is a great guy and is going to be a real asset to the company. He ticks all of their boxes and is a great culture fit also. We're looking forward to seeing what he does with them!

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