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Marketing Director


Playrcart are an early-stage AdTech technology solution which allows consumers to checkout directly through a programmatic ad unit.

The Challenge

Playrcart are undergoing a dramatic growth period, and through their journey had used purely external resources for their marketing. They needed someone from an eCommerce background who understood media. A very specific person and very small talent pool.

The Approach

We approached filling this role through every avenue, leaning on the expertise of other members of the team to see if anyone in their networks could be a good fit. We also published job classifieds, searched through our CRM, LinkedIn Talent Search tools and our own networks.

The Numbers

209 candidates were targeted with 68 candidates initially qualified.  8 candidates were interviewed by expand with 4 candidates shortlisted.  The hire was made in 5 weeks.


The Outcome

We reached out to a large number of candidates and had initial conversations with many potential applicants. We were able to quickly identify the correct people from those not suitable. Out of these we spoke to 8 and ruled out half of them. All of the remaining 4 candidates that went through to interview were suitable, resulting in the successful candidate being offered the role which they accepted.




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