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Senior Account Executive


OpenX are the world's leading independent advertising exchange and one of the most successful adTech platforms of the past decade.


The Challenge

OpenX has been expanding its European footprint over the past 12 months. The VP of EMEA Sales had been able to put in place some strategic deals with some of the world's leading media agencies and, because of that traction, they needed to hire an experienced Senior Sales Manager based in London. The VP of EMEA wanted to bring in somebody with strong programmatic knowledge and a specific set of contacts to benefit OpenX's growth plans.

The Approach

This search was completed using a direct network approach. We had the details of over 300 relevant candidates within our database and utilised our AI search-tool to identify the candidates with the right contacts.

The Numbers

We conducted over thirty interviews, shortlisted ten candidates, submitted six candidates and OpenX interviewed four.

The Outcome

The hire was made with four weeks with a very happy Client and candidate.

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