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Interconnection Manager – the Netherlands


NL-ix, Netherlands Internet Exchange is in the top five IX’s in the world.

The Challenge

The challenge was finding the right candidate with the right attitude, drive and ambition - someone who was looking to grow in their career. The Data Centre industry has taken a hit in recent months with individuals looking to leave and move to the Telco sector, so finding a candidate willing to get their “hands dirty” and put in the drive and work needed, was the true challenge.

The Approach

We actually found the candidate while doing a search for another Client. We came across her and thought she would be amazing for this position (we were also running a search specifically for this Client, but it just happened that we found her elsewhere).

The Numbers

67 candidates were initially targeted with 32 candidates qualifying.  10 candidates were shortlisted with an offer made and accepted in 2 weeks.

The Outcome

The candidate came from a infrastructure background, was young in her career but had fantastic drive and attitude, was very intelligent and wanted to excel and grow in a new career. She was not necessarily looking to leave her current company, but this position offered her a lot more than just a salary increase – she was taken by the opportunity, career progression, expansion on knowledge and experience.

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