case studies

Director of Marketing, Switzerland


Nexoom -  A strategic digital entertainment company connecting brands, creators and viewers.

The Challenge

We were tasked with finding an experienced Director of Marketing in Switzerland, who had in-depth knowledge of the gaming & eSports industry to help them promote their offerings and identify what their viewers want so they can create more amazing products for their Live-Streaming platform.

The Approach

With our strong established network in the gaming & eSports space, we were able to quickly find several candidates and create a shortlist. Having quickly established that it was more about the personality, we were able to narrow this down and provide Nexoom with a new Director of Marketing.

The Numbers

We targeted eighty-seven candidates, spoke to twenty-four and provided our Client with a shortlist of seven candidates. Out of six interviews, an offer was made and accepted in seven weeks.

The Outcome

We successfully placed a candidate that had a strong and experienced marketing background with in-depth knowledge of the eSports industry.


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