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Sales Lead, Ireland


MiQ is a programmatic media partner for Marketers and Agencies.


The Challenge

MiQ were looking to expand their operations into the Irish market, a new area for them where Programmatic has slowly been building a reputation. To accomplish this, they needed a Sales Lead who possessed in-depth knowledge of the Irish advertising scene and the ability to raise MiQ brand awareness effectively across multiple levels.

The Approach

We conducted market research to identify relevant target businesses in the Irish market and mapped a variety of businesses where the candidates would have the required skill set.  Following the market mapping, we presented the potential targets to MiQ to assure them that the talent was available in the market. Once we had identified a pool of suitable candidates we conducted video interviews to dive into their sales background, agency relationships, and whether they would align to the values of MiQ.

The Numbers

Eighty-five candidates were initially identified who could be a potential match for the role.  Thirty-eight expressed an interest in the role and were qualified via video interview or assessment questions. Five candidates were selected for 1st stage interview. Three candidates progressed to presentation/final stage.

After these initial interviews were conducted, a short list of candidates was submitted and a remote process of three stages was carried out.

The Outcome

Following a swift and well-run process, an offer was made to the top candidate who had been a leader in digital sales AND programmatic!  A rare find in a market where programmatic advertising is relatively new.  The new hire brings a wealth of experience and solid agency contacts to the role and allows MiQ to have a running start into a new region.










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