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VP Social Strategy

Media Monks is the global number one social production agency, blending skills across content, data and digital media.

The Challenge

expand was tasked with finding the global SVP Social’s number 2 to enable her to spend more time to growing the global team and driving business operations and overall strategy.

The Approach

The eventual successful candidate was initially a recommendation from the Hiring Manager. As a third party we were able to speak to her direct.  Initially, she wasn't interested, and about to go on maternity leave, but we wore her down!

The Numbers

398 candidates were initially targeted, with 89 candidates initially qualifying.  19 candidates were shortlisted with an offer made in 9 months.

The Outcome

This role had already been offered and accepted twice before, so third time lucky. Thankfully the Client was willing to wait for their perfect fit to return from maternity leave. Both parties are now very happy with their choice.







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