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Lumen Research

Senior Machine Learning Engineer


Lumen Research combine eye tracking technology and 1st party data to fully understand the attention that a user gives to an advertisers communications. With so many advertisements reaching consumers, it is hard to distinguish how much really sinks in and the power of an individual ad. Lumen offer a solution to the unknown through their technology, LAMP, which helps agencies and advertisers understand the impact of their campaigns.


The Challenge

Lumen were very particular with this search, we needed a PhD Machine Learning Engineer with recent computer vision, medical imaging and technical programming skills with Julia, Hadoop and TensorFlow.

The Approach

When qualifying the opportunity, I sat down with the founder and Head of Machine Learning and we scoped out the market, identifying certain Medical Imaging/Healthtech businesses in the UK which we could target candidates from.

The Numbers

Initially one hundred and fifty candidates were targeted in the project.  Eight were submitted as possible to Client, four candidates were interviewed and one hire made.

The Outcome

Lumen were delighted to engage a highly qualified PhD Machine Learning candidate who was both technically sound and had the desirable skill-set they needed for this role.

What The Client Said

"We've recently accelerated our hiring to scale up the engineering team and expand's help has been amazing. We have very specific experience requirements for our ML roles and end up with a short-list where we wanted to hire every single person we spoke to."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ezra Pierce – Founder & CPO, Lumen Research


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