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Lumen Research

US General Manager


Lumen Research combine eye tracking technology and 1st party data to fully understand the attention that a user gives to an advertiser's communications. With so many advertisements reaching consumers, it is hard to distinguish how much really sinks in and the power of an individual ad. Lumen offer a solution to the unknown through their technology, LAMP, which helps agencies and advertisers understand the impact of their campaigns.

The Challenge

Lumen had just undergone a merger as well as secured a new round of funding. They had identified a huge opportunity in the US market and wanted to capitalise on the revenue opportunity by building out a first rate team in NYC.

The Approach

Having already conducted interviews with candidates who were unsuccessful we had good insight into the characteristics of their ideal candidate. With this information we were able to go to market and find the very best people we thought would be a perfect fit for the role.

The Numbers

174 candidates were targeted with 62 candidates initially qualifying.  19 were interviewed by expand with 3 candidates being shortlisted.  The hire was made in four weeks.

The Outcome

We utilised our network and knowledge of the US market to identify every potential person who could be a great fit for this role ensuring a great shortlist of ideal candidates. Lumen interviewed and offered the candidate they wanted for the business.

What The Client Said

“We are confident that we have the perfect person to lead our expansion into the US market. We are very happy with the hard work and consultation of expand group in making this hire”.

Mike Follett, CEO


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