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Lumen Research

Chief Revenue Officer - US

Lumen Research combine eye tracking technology and 1st party data to fully understand the attention that a user gives to an advertisers communications. With so many advertisements reaching consumers, it is hard to distinguish how much really sinks in and the power of an individual ad. Lumen offer a solution to the unknown through their technology, LAMP, which helps agencies and advertisers understand the impact of their campaigns.

The Challenge

Lumen Research had experienced a huge amount of revenue potential in the US market. They needed a senior sales leader to join the team as the first US hire, to win business and scale the team. They had done some work themselves on finding people but not found the leader they needed.

The Approach

It was important that the candidate was based in New York City for their team. We initially approached senior leaders within our networks to find candidates before then posting multiple job ads and pro-actively headhunting exceptional talent from specific competitors.

The Approach

81 candidates were initially identified with 12 candidates being shortlisted.  5 candidates went to the final stage with multiple stake holders and one offer was made and accepted.

The Outcome

After a very structured interview process, Lumen made an offer to an exceptional candidate who had all of the attributes they needed and wanted to join their team. He has now joined the business and is already making huge progress in achieving key objectives.

What the Client Said

“We are thoroughly pleased with the hire we’ve made for our business, thanks to expand group's assistance. We are confident in their abilities as a partner and will continue to work closely with them.”

Arthur Cole, COO




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