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Full Stack Engineer


Lumen Research combine eye tracking technology and 1st party data to fully understand the attention that a user gives to an advertisers communications. With so many advertisements reaching consumers, it is hard to distinguish how much really sinks in and the power of an individual ad. Lumen offer a solution to the unknown through their technology, LAMP, which helps agencies and advertisers understand the impact of their campaigns.

The Challenge

Lumen Research required a Mid-level Full Stack Engineer with very specific experience. We needed to find a candidate in the UK with previous adTech knowledge and technical skills with JavaScript, React, Redux and Golang.

The Approach

When qualifying the opportunity, we sat down with the founder and CIO and scoped out the market, identifying certain adTech businesses in the UK which we could target candidates from.

The Numbers

One hundred and four candidates were initially targeted, with three being submitted to Client.  One candidate stood out - was interviewed and subsequently hired.

The Outcome

Lumen are delighted by their hire.  He is an extremely motivated engineer with a huge future ahead of him!



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