Senior Sales Manager, Europe


Legos is a French HQ’d company that provides telecom solutions for fixed and mobile telephony such as Voice, SMS and Data.


The Challenge

The CEO is currently undertaking the majority of the sales function, and so wanted an experienced salesperson to report into him and support on the sales activities.

The Approach

We came up with an extensive target list of companies which included Voice, SMS, Data, CPaaS providers. We then narrowed the location down to UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands and mapped relevant sales people that hit that criteria.

The Numbers

Two hundred and ten people were mapped and contacted  and fifty plus screening calls were conducted by expand..  Fifteen CV's were submitted with three interviews undergone.  One hire was made.

The Outcome

The candidate is Netherlands-based and has a very strong background in voice, SMS and data. He has a very entrepreneurial mindset which is perfect for Legos and their growth ambitions.


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