case studies

Sales Account Manager

KLA develop and manufacture process-control and process-enabling solutions that accelerate tomorrow’s electronic devices.

The Challenge

In order to maintain their competitive edge in the market, semiconductor equipment manufacturers need to ensure that they are able to offer and guarantee high performance and productivity of their products through a variety of technical solutions within their service portfolio.  With this in mind, our client was looking to hire a Sales Account Manager who would be responsible for selling and managing upgrades for all tools and customers within the European region.  The challenge was to find a commercially savvy Sales Account Manager with a good knowledge of the European market.

The Approach

We had been in touch with this candidate for a few years previously. There was a click from the start - the candidate had a few successful discussions with a number of senior executives in Germany and also in the US.

The Numbers

Two candidates were known to us from our network for a few years, they were both invited for the first interview.

The Outcome

It was a fairly smooth process and both the Client and the candidate are happy with the outcome. The candidate has also managed to negotiate an earlier starting date – which is also always a bonus in Germany.



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