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Customer Support Engineer

KLA develop and manufacture process-control and process-enabling solutions that accelerate tomorrow’s electronic devices.

The Challenge

A shortage in Semiconductor Capital Equipment coming from China has led to a rise in hiring in Europe and multiple positions to fill. The challenge has been to find candidates with relevant experience willing to work shifts.

The Approach

We utilised EPloy, LinkedIn and our network to identify relevant candidates. We then approached these potential candidates using InMail and by phone. Having approached them we sent the best candidates to the Client, arranged interviews and gave feedback from both sides. An exceptional candidate that they liked from the start received an offer.

The Numbers

148 candidates were targeted with 49 candidates initially qualifying.  6 CVs were sent (for multiple hires) and an offer made in 4 weeks.

The Outcome

The candidate was referred to us by another engineer in our network. He was looking for a change and a more challenging role. He had experience with the Client from his time in a major semiconductor chip manufacturer and rated them very highly. Having made a fantastic impression on the team he was offered the position.

What the Client Said

“I love working with you and thank you for all of your hard work and the quality candidates that you supply us with.”

Sophia Ghazal, EU Recruitment Specialist

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