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Finance Assistant


Judopay is a prominent payment processing company in eCommerce transactions.


The Challenge

Our Client required a highly skilled Finance Assistant to streamline their financial operations. However, their limited internal resources and tight timeframe made finding the perfect candidate a challenge.

The Approach

We leveraged our extensive database and network of finance professionals to identify qualified candidates swiftly. This efficient approach allowed us to deliver a shortlist of strong individuals within a compressed timeframe.

The Outcome

Utilising our comprehensive database and industry connections, we sourced a pool of qualified candidates with experience in the SaaS sector. This ensured a shortlist that closely aligned with the client's specific requirements. Our efforts resulted in the presentation of two highly competent individuals, providing the Client with a strong choice for their Finance Assistant role, one hire was made.

What the Client Said

"Steph was absolutely brilliant in helping us fill a finance position. Steph is super friendly and did everything she could to fill this position as soon as possible. I would highly recommend Steph to anyone who needs recruitment support in their organisation."

Emily Sharman, HR Coordinator & Office Manager




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