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Senior Sales UK


IPONWEB is an AI, Data and Engineering company.

The Challenge

IPONWEB had spent the past 1.5 years restructuring their US publisher solutions division and with the help of expand had secured key senior stakeholders in NYC.  They needed to enhance their publisher facing presence in the UK buy hiring a senior individual to lead efforts to onboard key tier 1 and 2 publishers.

The Approach

This was a classic search where the most important aspect was getting a true understanding of the business need and company culture. Having interviewed 4 key stakeholders in the business to better understand the need we took the time to research the AdTech sector for target companies with synergy in terms of solutions and culture.

The Numbers

30 target companies were identified with programmatic, and 20 ideal candidates shortlisted. 8 candidates were interviewed by the Client, 2 final stages with one offer made.  

The Outcome

The candidate was hired from a key competitor to IPONWEB and one of the biggest names in AdTech. The candidate brings 15+ years of experience leading publisher sales efforts and increasing revenue in the UK.


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