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Assistant Agent, London

InterTalent are the UK's pre-eminent independent talent management company, representing a unique group of the most talented people, globally.


The Challenge

InterTalent were seeking to expand their roster of agents in London.

The Approach

Trying to find a candidate strictly interested in moving to a solely unscripted talent management role with some experience within the entertainment sector was tricky.  We targeted similar companies and competitors. We went through our own CRM system, our personal networks, and as a last resort, LinkedIn. We put multiple job ads out, cold called and emailed.

The Numbers

We initially reached out to over three hundred people and spoke to forty-five people. We sent through nine CV’s to InterTalent, they interviewed and hired one. 

The Outcome

Although the successful candidate wasn't looking to leave, she was looking to grow and saw the opportunity to join InterTalent and grow with them.



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