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Humanising Autonomy

Technical Pre-Sales Consultant


Humanising Autonomy is an early-stage Artificial Intelligence business building the global standard for intuitive interaction between people and machines.

The Challenge

AI isn’t a simple solution to sell and as it has infinite applications and it necessitates a certain level of technology understanding to drive the sales process. Humanising Autonomy had the salespeople and the technology but needed someone to bridge the gap to help the Clients get more clarity on the value.

The Approach

AI was a relatively new market for us but one we wanted to understand more. We had a long-standing relationship with the leadership team as we had supported them at other businesses so they were happy to work on an exclusive basis.  The biggest challenge with this search was figuring out where to look. The AI market wasn’t that developed, so the key was the research and getting the right target companies. Once we had a good list of targets we knew we were on the right track.

The Numbers

67 candidates were targeted with 6 candidates initially qualifying.  3 candidates were shortlisted, and an offer made in 3 weeks.

The Outcome

Having initially thought that we would find the right candidate in a dynamic start-up the chosen candidate had been working at IBM for 10 years. Culture fit was a key factor, but it turned out that the breadth of experience our IBM candidate had and her application engineering skills were exactly what was needed.

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