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VP Operations, USA


Globacap’s end-to-end digital ecosystem supercharges primary placement deals, reduces ongoing administrative overheads, and enables frictionless secondary liquidity.


The Challenge

Globacap were on a mission to launch in the US and needed a first person on the ground with a strong background in capital markets and a solid understanding of the FINRA Process. This person needed to be a self-starter who could build the business from the ground-up in the US.

The Approach

We targeted 68 leaders in NYC who had strong backgrounds within early stage Fintech companies who had run the entire FINRA process, with the necessary operations-heavy expertise in capital markets.

The Numbers

We reached out to sixty-eight people, and spoke to thirty-seven.  Nine CV's were sent to the Client, with eight interviews being done.  Six presentations were given with one offer being made.

The Outcome

We found the perfect candidate who has over 20+ years experience working with multiple high-growth start ups within Capital markets who has run the FINRA process in his last four roles.




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