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Sales Director



Gfinity is a leading digital media and tech company in the fast-growing gaming & eSports sector.


The Challenge

With the business switching their focus on their newly developed tournament platform, Athlos, we were tasked to find an experienced Sales Director to generate revenue through gaming studios and publishers channels.

The Approach

Using our existing network base in the gaming space, alongside our new AI tool, we were able to pinpoint the exact requirements for the Client.  

The Numbers

Having already established a strong candidate network for this type of role, we reached out to 12 existing candidates that have specific experience in driving revenue within the Gaming & eSports industry.  We were able to create a shortlist of 6 candidates that we sent to the Client. All 6 candidates were put through the initial first interview stages.

The Outcome

Finally, we were able to hire an experienced Sales Director with the relevant experience in launching and driving revenue from scratch across the globe.


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