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Fashion League

Marketing Director, UK (remote)


Finfin Play is a gaming studio based out of Switzerland who are launching Fashion League together with Unity. They are building a web2/web3 mobile-first fashion RPG for the masses by partnering with creators, communities, and top fashion brands. Fashion League is a community-driven free-to-play game and marketing platform promoting diversity in gaming and web3. Their aim is to empower players and brands to build their virtual presence to connect with others and catch their next audience.

The Challenge

With Fashion League being closer to soft launch, they were seeking a experienced marketing head to do end-to-end strategy and execution for the game release.

The Approach

Using our existing network base in the gaming space, alongside our new AI tool, we were able to pinpoint the exact requirements for the candidate.

The Numbers

We reached out to over 200 specific candidates that have experience in the execution of the end-to-end marketing lifecycle for multiple game titles.

From this, we were able to create a shortlist of 12 candidates that we sent to the Client. All 12 candidates were put through the initial first interview stages.

The Outcome

We were able to hire an experienced Head of Marketing with over 16 years experience in working specifically in gaming studios. They will be responsible for all marketing activity, branding and promotions for EA and Hasbro releases on mobile, like Monopoly, the Sims and many more.

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