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Celebrity Talent Director


Everpress is a global fashion marketplace that connects consumers to unique and sustainable products from independent designers.  It offers tools for independent creatives to design, print and sell their own t-shirts and limited edition apparel online.  They aim to provide a genuine alternative to contential retail by minimising waste and only printing items as they are sold.


The Challenge

Everpress wanted to hire a well-connected celebrity talent director, somebody who had great connections with A-list talent who knew how to run end-to-end campaigns.

The Approach

We targeted agencies, charities and brands with people that have worked with A-list celebrities with some charity experience.

The Numbers

We spoke to forty-six potential candidates, sent eight CV's to Client who interviewed seven of them.  One candidate was offered the job.

The Outcome

We hired an amazing candidate who had over 8 years experience within charities and another ten years at agencies managing talent.


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