case studies

Product Manager - RAN Network Releases


Dense Air expands wireless access to underserved groups and accelerates the connected city ecosystem through a single shared network.


The Challenge

The Client needed someone to understand and investigate new technologies and support the operational networks and manage the onboarding and introduction of new products into the network designs and release programme.

The Approach

As well as building a LinkedIn project our in-depth prior experience in this market meant we could draw on our experience which gave us a good understanding of the qualities the candidate must have to make them successful in the role..

The Numbers

Over two hundred candidates were sourced, out of the two hundred contacted we spoke to twenty candidates with the relevant skills.  From that twenty there were seven candidates that had were put into process.  Out of the seven, four candidates got to final stage interview with one hire.

The Outcome

The successful candidate has a wide range or Project/Product management experience working for companies such as Motorola and Nokia. As well as being a great personality fit for the Client,he has recently been researching and identifying emerging 5G and IoT technologies to improve operational effectiveness.



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