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Civil Engineer

Dense Air expands wireless access to underserved groups and accelerates the connected city ecosystem through a single shared network.

The Challenge

Dense Air was in the market for a candidate that has excellent experience in computer aided design (CAD) specifically in RAN systems installation design and planning.  The main challenge with the role was finding a candidate with sufficient CAD experience that has spent much of their time in telecommunications as well as being eligible for international travel, within 50 miles of their offices in Marlow, Bucks.


The Approach

Being flexible with my search to source the best candidate was key to successfully filling this role.  After our original unsuccessful search looking within vendors and operators for the right person for the job, it came apparent that there were companies that specialise in outsourcing individual with CAD experience.  Once we narrowed our search, I started to get replies for individuals that not only had CAD experience but experience in telecommunications.


The Numbers

40 candidates were targetted with 13 candidates initially qualifying. 2 candidates were shortlisted and an offer made in 5 weeks.


The Outcome

The successful candidate had experience working in computer design since 2007, during this time he worked for varied telecommunication companies.  Both candidate and Client are delighted with their decision.








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