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Dense Air

Software Architect


Dense Air partners with cities and carriers to create plug-and-play active neutral host 5G small cell infrastructure that more efficiently densifies wireless networks by reducing the need for redundant radios in the same critical indoor and outdoor locations.

The Challenge

Dense Air has recently been bought by SIP - a leading industrial product manufacturer. Their ambition is to bring all their technology in-house starting with building a Research & Development team.


The Approach

We tapped into our outstanding network of candidates with strong software development and design skills in the RAN space. That, combined with using advanced searches, allowed us to pinpoint exactly the type of candidates Dense Air were looking for.


The Numbers

We reached out to over 350 candidates, trimmed the shortlist down to ten candidates, four went through to first stage interviews, two went through to final interviews with one of them offered the position.


The Outcome

We finessed the process from start to finish, both candidate and our Client are delighted with the final outcome.


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