case studies
Deko Pay

Senior Business Development Manager


Deko Pay offers the user financial flexibility to empower them to buy the items they really want. It reduces cart abandonment at checkout and increases the average order value with flexible payment options powered by a panel of lenders that increases acceptance rates.


The Challenge

Deko Pay were scaling out their Sales function and had a requirement for a senior sales person to add to their team.

The Approach

An contact of ours had moved to the company as CCO and I knew the type of profile the business needed. We therefore reached out to an existing candidate we were working with, who came from the buy-now-pay-later space and shared their details. 

The Numbers

On this particular occasion, only one candidate was in the mix, as they already had some direct candidates.

The Outcome

Due to our candidate having the ideal background, Deko Pay were excited to offer the role to them.


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