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Sales Director, UK


CMC is a Service Provider offering customised solutions designed for tomorrow’s business needs in a cost-effective, scalable and resilient manner.

The Challenge

CMC were looking to build their EU presence and growth in the EU-African markets. The challenge was to find an individual who worked with enterprise customers, knowledge across security, connectivity, cloud and managed services as well as hands-on experience working in the African and EU markets.

The Approach

We conducted an extensive search in the desired locations for the Client. We spoke to many individuals within our network, and truly hunted out the right person for the role. It was a case of good old fashioned head-hunting, turning over every stone, utilising our campaigns, knowledge and network.  It was finding the key elements that the Client wanted, mixed in with the right type of candidate/personality for the company culture.

The Numbers

We engaged with over two hundred individuals and spoke to over fifty.  Seven were interviewed and one was hired.

The Outcome

This was a very niche role with a niche pool of candidates, but eventually we found an individual who was an absolutely perfect match in every way. The hunt took some time and had it’s own challenges, but in the end we got there and the Client and candidate were both very happy.  The candidate came from a large Telco provider, had impeccable references and had extensive experience in all the areas the Client was looking to fill.



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