case studies

US Global Marketing


Bidstack is a global leader in in-game advertising.


The Challenge

Bidstack were looking to launch their US office following recent investment and needed someone who has been there and done it before with a strong background in the advertising space.

The Approach

They were keen on having someone who was an expert in the space and came with a background of high growth scale-up experience - someone who could get up and running fast with the right contacts in the media agencies and brands across the US with the know-how to build a brand and business effectively.

The Numbers

Seventy-one candidates were targeted with nineteen candidates initially qualifying.  Six candidates were shortlisted and an offer was made in two months.

The Outcome

The successful candidate had a background in video advertising within gaming so understood the space, He had the right contacts and was the first person on the ground for his previous business which he took from 0-60 in 5 years.  He hen helped the business get acquired in 2021.

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