case studies

Client Account Manager

Bidstack is the number one in-game advertising platform globally.

The Challenge

To find an experienced Client Account Manager who had in-depth knowledge of programmatic, campaigns and great Client management skills to manage a portfolio of assigned Clients.

The Approach

We threw the net wide within the Ad Tech and Gaming markets to find a candidate with the right background then narrowed our search down specifically to identify candidates with particular experience within programmatic Client/campaign management. This resulted in some fantastic potential candidates and led to our Client making a successful hire.

The Numbers

150 candidates were targeted with 19 candidates initially qualifying.  4 candidates were shortlisted by the Client and an offer was made in 7 weeks.

The Outcome

After an in-depth search of the market over 6 weeks, an offer was accepted. The successful candidate came from a brand safety vendor within AdTech, where they had been managing key Clients across agency and brands. He has a passion for the in-game advertising space and has great previous experience working within advertising and programmatic.



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