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Director, Global Partnerships


Amplience is a pre-IPO VC backed CMS and DAM commerce company and MACH Alliance member.


The Challenge

Amplience decided to rebuild their partner team from scratch earlier this year after a change of CEO, with an EMEA-based senior partner director a key requirement in that plan.

The Approach

expand ran a full search based on the fact Amplience were keen to focus on a diversity hire, specifically they wanted to bring on a senior woman into the global leadership team. We found the candidate and approached her via LinkedIn as part of a wider mapping project.  The candidate happened to be looking for her next challenge and was excited by the scope of the role and the growth plans of the leadership team.

The Numbers

Two candidates were submitted for the role, with both candidates being interviewed by Amplience, both were then put through to the second stage, with one hire being made.

The Outcome

The successful candidate is a highly decorated senior international commercial leadership person with a background in leading high performing partnership teams and ecosystems across EMEA and internationally for both large tier1 corporates and exciting earlier stage high-growth startups.  Amplience is delighted with their hire.






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